JCI Sen. Rajshree Bhaje

Designation 2017: IMM PAST NATIONAL PRESIDENT & JCI INDIA FOUNDATION- EX-OFFICIO DIRECTOR Designation 2016: NATIONAL PRESIDENT 2016 LOM : JCI NAGPUR ORIENT Address : PLOT NO.493 & 494,DEVASHREE APPT.,FLAT NO. 101 & 102,2ND FLOOR, SHRINAGAR,RING ROAD, NAGPUR-440015, MAHARASHTRA Contact No : 9545900867 Email : realrose_ngp@yahoo.co.in

JC Profile


As a Jaycee
  • Joined JCI NAGPUR ORIENT in 2005 and served as a Director Growth & Development. Chapter President in 2006.
  • Zone Director International In 2007, 2008 & 2010.
  • Zone Vice President in 2011 with positive growth in Both Halves.
  • Zone President in 2012 with a beautiful Tagline…..Ye Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Kyu Ki Saal Do Hazar Bara, Na Aayega Dobara.
  • Declared as Positive Zone President in both halves of JCI India with 2389 members. First time in the History Of Zone-IX , Zone became 100% Efficient Zone in JCI India.NOM Coordinator Civic Consciousness in 2013.
  • NOM Coordinator Lady Jaycee & Jcrt Wing 2014 and promoted formation of Lady Jaycee members and lady members growth in JCI India. Installed 16 New Lady LOMS.
  • Executive Vice President, JCI India in 2015.
Achievements in Jaycees
  • Outstanding New Jaycee Winner Award in 2005 Outstanding LOM President Winner Award in 2006
  • Outstanding Winner in PR Project, special Project, community project & Star Chapter Award at Zone Conference in 2006 as a LOM President.
  • Achieved NP Recognitions for many projects. During her President-ship, JCI NAGPUR ORIENT Became one of the Top Ten chapter of JCI India in 2006.
  • Elected as a One Day National President at Raipur Presidential Academy in 2006. Outstanding Zone Officer Award in 2007 & 2008
  • Outstanding Performing Zone President Award of JCI India for the year 2012 Outstanding NOM Coordinator award in 2013 for Civic Consciousness. Outstanding NOM Coordinator award in 2014 for Lady Jaycee & Jcrt Wing.Outstanding Performing Executive Vice President Award in 2015.
As Trainer
  • As a trainer she became Zone Trainer in 2007 and Graduated as a National Trainer in 2013. Conducted more than 100 training programs for Jaycee & Non Jaycee members.
At Conferences
  • Attended 15 Regional Conferences/Mid Conferences, 10 Zoncons, 8 Natcons , 2 ASPAC & 2 World Congress at Antalya (Turkey) in the Year 2007 and at Kanazawa (Japan) in 2015.
Participation :
  • Attended 28th JCI Academy at Tokyo (Japan) and graduated as a Global Networker ( Vanguard Leaders ).
  • Singing, Travelling and Cooking.
As a Individual
  • Born on the eve of Christmas, 25th December.
  • B.A LLB
  • Diploma in International Airlines & Travel & Tourism
  • Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing from Inter National Institute of Fashion design.
By profession
  • Practicing Interior Designer
  • Motivational Trainer

Happily married to Jc Gunwant on 5th June
Blessed with a pretty daughter Manvi on 17th December
And as a Jaycee Rajshree Bhaje believes that,
“ Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments”