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    Business Area Skill Development Training


    This is a JCI India Initiative to provide skills development Training to College students in their final
    year belonging to non-technical and non-vocational fields.
    The idea behind this initiative is to provide the necessary skills to youngsters to prepare them to
    either find a job or to start a business after graduation. This is in alignment with PM Narendra Modi’s
    Skill Development Program.
    It is not just about making the participants find good jobs for themselves but to develop such skills,
    necessary to develop a confident attitude, and an Enterprising spirit so that they can become Job
    Our Aim is to create a skilled India that has progressive outlook and can become partners in the
    national development.
    A LOM has to compulsorily conduct this four days Training Program to attain 100% efficiency status.
    The Program has 7 modules out of which 4 Modules have to be done.
    Some Important points:
    Participants- Minimum 20 and maximum 60 Students
    Last date to report is 30th September 2017.
    Any four courses of one day each.

    Compulsory documents for reporting:
    • Group Photograph
    • Participants Evaluation form
    • Participants list with Participant’s Name, Mobile number, E-mail address, and college seal.
    • Report to be sent to &;
    1. Grooming
    a. Introduction
    b. Personal grooming
    i. External- Dress up and accessories
    ii. Internal- Time management, Attitude, Leadership
    c. Communication and Presentation skills
    d. Interview Techniques
    By: JCI India Trainer
    2. Manners & Etiquettes
    a. Importance and necessity of Corporate etiquettes
    b. Corporate etiquettes- Meeting, Greeting, Dining and Other General Manners
    c. Telephone and Online etiquettes
    d. Interpersonal Relations
    By: JCI India Trainer
    3. Office Management
    a. E-skills
    b. Systems management
    c. Resource management- People and Material
    d. Soft skills required-Team work and interpersonal relationship
    e. Opportunities and courses
    By: JCI India Trainer and computer professional

    4. Customer Care
    a. Introductioni.
    What is customer care and why is it important
    ii. Types of customer care
    b. Communication Skills- Oral, Written, Body language and Listening skills
    c. Handling of complaints and doing follow-ups
    d. Necessary personal skills: Attitude, leadership, goals, and self motivation
    e. Opportunities available- List of industries, Diplomas and online courses available, Provide Template
    and Model resume.
    By: JCI India Trainer
    4. Business/ Entrepreneurship Development
    a. Knowledge of Entrepreneurship
    b. Skills required
    c. Available opportunities for women entrepreneurs
    d. Funding Sources
    e. Business leadership
    By: JCI India Trainer and person with field experience
    5. Govt. Schemes (Support and Development Schemes)
    a. Government schemes
    b. Non-Government Schemes
    c. Promotion Schemes
    d. Needed documents and verification
    By: Person with field experience
    6. Banking Sector
    a. E-banking- online transactions, PIN, TIN, etc.
    b. Basics at banks- accounts, passbooks, check books, FD, Current accounts, credit cards, debit cards,
    c. Jobs as commission agents
    By: Person with field experience.

    Location Details

    Address : , Date :01/01/2017 - 31/10/2017 Time :10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Location Map

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