The first assembly of JCI Senators in India was held at Hyderabad Hotel Marriott, from July 15-16, 2017 in a grand and luxurious way. The JCI members of Hyderabad was the outstanding organizing team for this grand event. JCI Senate Chairman Paschal Dike, sent his best wishes for this first time initiative. The event was attended by veteran and novice Senators from all over India. The special dignitaries present in the Conclave were 2014 World President Shine T Bhaskaran, PNP Vallabhdas,PNP Ashok Deshprabhu, PNP Sunil Kumar, PNP Santhosh Kumar, PNP G Subramanian, PEVP Sushil Jalan, PEVP Sunil Goyal, PEVP K V Rao, PEVP Hardik Kapadia, PEVP S R Arun, PEVP G Anil Kumar, JFS Rajesh Agarwal, Shri Sunil Sobti and Shri C S Jalan, Shri SurendraPal Singh. This significant and eventful 2 days were filled with Senate Board meeting, Panel Discussion, Open Forum and creative leisure activities like Senators cooking competition, painting competition and many other revitalizing, networking, encouraging, learning and body mind catering event. Senators from all over India, made this SENATE CONCLAVE an exemplary and especially an independent event of the year.

Few Feedbacks

Congratulations JCI members of Hyderabad and JCI India Senate for hosting an excellent JCI India Senate Conclave. This is first time in the recent history such an event is conducted for 2 days exclusively for JCI India Senators. The presence of senior senators, fun filled programs in a superior venue made this as a very special event. Thank you all for your participation, contribution and support towards JCI Senate…….PWP Shine T Bhaskaran ( JCI WP 2014)

I congratulate and wish you success on the occasion of your Senate Conclave, I would like to remind you that Senators are mentors, advisers, motivators and great Ambassadors of JCI. Accordingly, we all have a duty to support our Local organizations, mentor younger members and continue to contribute to the continuing existence of the JCI Movement. As one of the largest National Organizations, your Senate Association is also leading not by words but more so in action. ……JCI Senate Chairman Paschal Dike ( JCI WP 2016)

I was really thrilled and enjoyed being among senators from all over India. Made lot of friends and fresheners old fond memories….Shri C S Jalan, Ombesco Rail Products Limited
Besco Limited ( Wagon Division )

All Senators are invited to be part of JCI India Senate with Rs. 2360/- membership fees. This is a life time membership fees for Senators. You can enrol online for this life time membership. Following is the link and same is available in also.

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Address :Hotel Marriott , TANK BUND ROAD, OPPOSITE HUSSAIN SAGAR LAKE,, HYDERABAD , ANDHRA PRADESH, 500080 Date :15/07/2017 - 16/07/2017 Time :9:30 am - 6:00 pm

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